Biogas Plant


The College has installed two biogas plants in the campus. The institution totally depends on indigenously created biogas for all its cooking purposes. The geomembrane bioreactor plant is fully pre-fabricated and the accessories include geomembrane reactor, gas scrubber and pressure booster. The gas generated from the digesters could be collected in a single gas collector. Bio-methanisation is a universally accepted and proven technology for bioenergy generation from bio-waste. By applying this technology, fast decomposing waste materials like human excreta, food waste, fruits and vegetable waste, fish and meat waste etc. can be treated hygienically. The liquid and major bio degradable wastes from both boys’ and girls’ hostels and college canteen are collected and are processed through the bio-gas plant in the campus. The plant installed in the campus applies different technologies for treating different types of organic wastes according to the nature and type of waste.

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