Baillon’s Crake

Scientific Name :
Zapornia pusilla
Status (IUCN) :
Least Concern (LC)

Baillon’s crake (Zapornia pusilla), also known as the marsh crake, is a small waterbird of the family Rallidae.

They are 16–18 cm (6.3–7.1 in) in length, and are similar to the only slightly larger little crake. Baillon’s crake has a short straight bill, yellow or green without a red base. Adults have mainly brown upperparts with some white markings, and a blue-grey face and underparts. The rear flanks are barred black and white. They have green legs with long toes, and a short tail which is barred underneath.

Immature Baillon’s crakes are similar to the adults, but have extensively barred underparts. The downy chicks are black, as with all rails.

Source: Wikipedia

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