Green Campus Initiatives

Say ‘No’ to single use plastics

 Millions of tons of single use plastics are produced every year. These non-biodegradable single use plastics which are thrown away are not recycled. This will cause harmful impact and is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. It is therefore obvious that we should stop using single use plastics. The college has avoided the use of single use plastics in the campus thereby educating and encouraging students and faculty members to reduce plastic consumption.

Green Hour

As a part of green academics to support green mission initiatives, the college organizes Green Hour every Thursday. Based on the theme of the year various programmes are conducted during the green hour with the continuous monitoring of faculty. The programmes are as follows:

  1. Regular visit to the herbal garden
  2. Planting trees
  3. Cleaning the campus and its premises
  4. Maintenance of herbal garden
  5. Quiz and debates
  6. Essay writing competition
  7. Preparation of short notes about the plants in the herbal garden
Restricted entry of Automobiles

As an initiative to green mission and environmental sustainability, the college has allotted parking area outside the campus. Students’ vehicles will be only allowed up to the designated parking area. This helps to reduce pollution inside the campus.


The landscape at MACFAST beautify the surroundings, assist the students’ learning process and encourage them to love and appreciate the environment. Students are able to breath in cleaner air since plants absorb carbon from the air and provide ample opportunities for students to engage in physical activities.

Green Thoughts

Radio MACFAST 90.4 plays a vital role for creating environment awareness among people. The actions of human beings have aggravated the environment severely. The radio functioning within the campus provides environmental education and awareness to all segments of the society. Many programmes and discussions on environment are broadcasted through the radio.

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