Green Policy

The institution has been systematically undertaking every procedure for maintaining the campus clean and green. Well-coordinated efforts are taken for the promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus.

  1. Eco-friendly environment is maintained by planting trees and avoiding the use of plastic in day-to-day life to promote “Clean and green Campus”.
  2. Ample of trees, plants and attractive vines in the campus provide the rich source of oxygen. A dedicated full-time gardener and supporting staffs take care of the plants, trees and vines in the campus. The use of organic fertilizers for growing the trees is promoted.
  3. Awareness programmes are organized to encourage eco-friendly life and make the environment clean and green through programmes conducted by NSS, Radio MACFAST and other departments.
  4. The institute is maintaining an herbal garden containing various species of medicinal plants. Nursing and nourishing of these plants are done under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department of Biosciences.
  5. Instructions are given to students to promote environmental promotional activity. “Green Hour” – an environmental awareness programme is included in the curriculum to educate the students.
  6. The Institute is maintaining and utilizing renewable energy resources such as Solar energy, Biogas etc., Rainwater harvesting system facility is also implemented in the campus.
  7. Institute has Environment, Green and Energy auditing to identify environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps and to implement corrective actions.

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