Bridal bouquet

Scientific Name :
Clematis recta L.
Synonym(s) :
Anemone recta (L.) K.Krause
Local/Common name(s) :
Bridal bouquet
Family :
Habit :
Flowering/Fruiting Time :
Throughout the year
Habitat :
Grown as garden plant
Endemic :
Status (IUCN) :
Distribution :
Native of Europe
Nativity :
Uses :
Description (Morphology) :

Stems herbaceous, ascending to erect, not climbing, 0.6-1.5 m. Leaf blade pinnately 5-9-foliolate; leaflets lanceolate to ovate, 3-9 × 0.8-4 cm, margins entire; surfaces glabrous. Inflorescences axillary and terminal, many-flowered cymes and panicles. Flowers bisexual; pedicel 8-20 mm, slender; sepals wide-spreading, not recurved, white, oblanceolate to oblong, 8-20 mm, length ca. 4 times width, margins tomentose, otherwise glabrous; stamens 20-50; filaments glabrous; staminodes absent; pistils 8-25. Achenes broad, flat, conspicuously rimmed, glabrous; beak 1.2-2 cm.

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