Peacock flower

Scientific Name :
Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Swartz
Synonym(s) :
Poinciana bijuga Lour.
Local/Common name(s) :
Rajamalli, Peacock flower
Family :
Habit :
Flowering/Fruiting Time :
Habitat :
Grown as ornamental plant
Endemic :
Status (IUCN) :
Least Concern (LC)
Distribution :
Probably native in Tropical America; now widely cultivated
Nativity :
Uses :
Medicine, Dye, Tannin, Ornamental
Description (Morphology) :

Shrubs or small trees. Branches green or farinose-green, smooth, with scattered, sparse prickles. Leaves 12-26 cm; pin¬nae 4-8 pairs, opposite, 6-12 cm; petiolules short; leaflets 7-11 pairs, oblong or obovate, 1-2 cm × 4-8 mm, base oblique, apex emarginate, sometimes acute. Racemes subcorymbose, terminal or axillary, lax, to 25 cm. Pedicels unequal in length, 4.5-7 cm. Receptacle concave to turbinate, glabrous. Sepals 5, glabrous, lowest one ca. 1.4 cm, others ca. 1 cm. Petals orange-red or yel¬low, orbicular, 1-2.5 cm, margin wavy, with claw subequal to limb in length. Stamens very far exserted; filaments red, 5-6 cm, thick and hairy in basal part. Ovary glabrous; style orange-yellow, long, 5-6.5 mm. Legume blackish brown when ripe, oblanceolate-oblong, narrow and thin, 6-10 × 1.5-2 cm, not winged, glabrous, indehiscent, apex rounded, upper suture ending in a sharp beak. Seeds 6-9.

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