Poochavalan chedi

Scientific Name :
Acalypha hispida Burm.f.
Synonym(s) :
Acalypha sanderi K.Schum.
Local/Common name(s) :
Poochavalan chedi
Family :
Habit :
Flowering/Fruiting Time :
Throughout the year
Habitat :
Homesteads (Grown as ornamental plant)
Endemic :
Status (IUCN) :
Distribution :
Native to New Guinea
Nativity :
Uses :
Ornamental, Medicine
Description (Morphology) :

Dioecious shrubs to 2-4 m tall. Stipules persistent, ovate to elliptic, mid-rib hairy, without capitate trichomes. Leaves alternate, ovate to elliptic, chartaceous; base slightly cordate to obtuse, margin serrate to deeply crenate with a gland on tooth tip, apex acute to acuminate, surface; 3 ribbed at base, lateral nerves 5-8 pairs. Inflorescences axillary, 1 per axil, spicate, straight, densely flowered, rachises usually hidden by flowers. Pistilate flowers 1 mm diameter; Calyx 1 mm diameter, sepals 4, ovate to elliptic, hairy outside. Ovary globose to oblate, trilocular; stigmas 3, 5-8 mm long, each divided 6-16 times, smooth. Bisexual flowers and fruits unknown.

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