Scientific Name :
Pterospermum rubiginosum Heyne ex Wight &Arn.
Synonym(s) :
Local/Common name(s) :
Family :
Habit :
Flowering/Fruiting Time :
Habitat :
Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests
Endemic :
Status (IUCN) :
Distribution :
Southern Western Ghats
Nativity :
Uses :
Description (Morphology) :

Evergreen trees, to 20 m high, bark 5-6 mm thick, brown, flaking off in thin rectangular strips; branchlets tawny pubescent; branches drooping. Leaves simple, alternate, 4-8.5 x 2-3 cm, ovate or ovate-lanceolate or elliptic-ovate, apex acuminate, base oblique, margin entire, glabrous above and densely white tomentose beneath, coriaceous; 3-5-ribbed from base, palmate, lateral nerves 4-6 pairs, pinnate, prominent, intercostae scalariform, slender, prominent; petiole 4-6 mm long, stout, pubescent; stipules lateral, filiform, oblique, densely pubescent, cauducous. Flowers bisexual, white, solitary, axillary. Calyx tubular, cylindric, brown-hoary outside, splitting into 5 linear lobes, white silky within. Petals 5, white, linear-oblong, slightly smaller than sepals. Staminal column adnate to the gynophore, bearing 5 groups of 3 stamens each between the staminodes, minutely tubercled towards tip. Ovary superior, cylindric, ridged, tomentose, within the apex of the column, 5-celled, ovules many in each cell; style hairy at base; stigma simple. Fruit a capsule, 40-50 x 6-9 mm, subclavate, acutely 5-angled, brown; seeds winged at one end.

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